Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Sound Editing

We have now started developing our film's soundtrack. We were struggling to find an approprite melody to fit the mood of our opening sequence, as on the apple macs in school a lot of the tracks are inaccessible. So we have had to use a macbook with the garage band application on it, supplied by Laurence. All the tracks are available on this so we have had much more success in creating our soundtrack.

We have been experimenting with incorporating both diegetic/ambient sound from our original filming, and non-diegetic sound into our film as we feel it gives it a more authentic overall finish.
We want to create a soundtrack that builds tension and supense in our audience so we want it to be quite upbeat in order to create a sense of urgency. However, the problem we are having is that all of the fast upbeat tracks on the apple macs sound too 'happy' and don't give us the sinister atmosphere we want to create. So we are going to experiment by creating our soundtrack with percussive instruments added to the drum beat which we hope will make it sound 'busier' and more erratic which will create a more electric and tense atmosphere.


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