Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Continued Main Task Editing 2

Today we have continued to edit our final production, and we have reached the end of cutting down the clips, creating good transisitios that link clearly with eachother, compared to the origional transitions that were very jumpy, not linking together. The new transistions make the production flow better. We used cuts in the mainbody of the film; in the opening we applied a fade, fading from black to the main film, its a very quick fade.

We have changed our opening scene to a small montage of different church clips, we have focused on a shot with a flock of birds flying from the top of the birds. But after producing this opening sequence Kim and I came up with an idea to start with a shot of plain black, with ambiant sounds overlaying this of birds twittering, the shot then cuts directly to teh church, with birds flyin goff the tower as soon as the cut is made.

We have also started to think about the titles, we have decided that we will have them slightly fading into shot, but with using a quick fade. We have thought about using a sepia colour, or a grey for teh colourings of these titles, not wanting to use colour as these will be to bright and draw the users attention away fromt eh content of the film.

We discovered however, that the dialogue in our filmed clips isnt clear enough, or loud to have a good sound quality when viewed, so to get around this we have recorded a voice over using a USB Studio Condensor to overlay the new dialogue onto the clips where the dialogue didn't come out well.

Next lesson we will focus on the sound of the piece, starting to edit the non diagetic music around the eiding of the clips.


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