Monday, 23 March 2009

Continued Main Task Editing

Today we have continued to edit our main task, cutting the clips and applying a black and white effect. We have cut these clips to a more precise timing, getting them to link as smoothly as we can. We have edited the footage of when our main character Tom enters the church, discovering his daughter, Ellie, lying on the floor of the church.

We have tryed to increase the speed of teh editing as he rushes through the door, showing how fast his mind is working, along with his heart beating. We have tryed hard, and have succeeded to not break teh 180 degree rule, showing that Tom is keeping a very focused mind, not panicking like the MI5 agent that he is, taking control of the situation.

We have added a wide variety of shot angles to the church seen, experimenting with different shot types and angles. Including a shot taken through the railings of a small tower featured in the church. In this shot through the railings, the railings and the characters are slightly out of focus, int his shot the character that is seen at the back of the church is out of shot, framed by thte railings we see that the two characters have a close relationship, and this high angle shot amplifies the couples vunerability.

Obviously, it is important to consider that shots must be edited so meaning can be conveyed to the audience, as such we knew it would be important to ensure that our shots lead from one another so as not to damage continuity, more importantly we ensured that we broke the 180 degree rule as few times as possible as this simply looks wrong; and disrupts the atmosphere the film is trying to create. However, for our particular production we did feel it would increase the film's impact if the 180 degree rule was broken as this would increase the sense of confusion and bewilderment in the audience and suggest that the main character's movements are frantic and urgent.

We shall continue to edit the footage in our lesson time.

- Laurence

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