Monday, 16 March 2009

Progress Diary - Main Task Editing

Over the week we have began our editing by placing our clips in sequence and cutting various errors or unneeded footage. After the initial editing, we have now begun to work on a much more precise basis; and have begun to add black & white and letterbox effects to add a more polished finish. We will continue to edit over the next two weeks; and our looking to add our titles once the sequence has been finalised.

We have also had debates about how the music should be presented, half of the group vote for heavier music and the other want some emotion into the film. These heated discussions have put the group element of the word "group-work" under some sort of strain; however we are determined to resolve any disputes.

We are also aware that it may be very difficult for the production of music to move forward until the editing of the film has been finalised as we desire for the music to fit perfectly with the action of screen; both complementing and emphasising what one sees. Therefore music production is currently somewhat stunted whilst video work is ongoing.

Finally, we would like to comment on the the ongoing schedule; after completing filming one week ahead of schedule; we have devoted this time toward editing the final project; giving us extra time and a possible edge over the competition. We are currently aiming to have post-production finished by 28th March 2009 in preparation for interviews and assessment.

- Charlotte & Rory

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