Sunday, 8 March 2009

Progress Diary - Main Task Filming

Here Kim and I are filming the close up shots of the exterior of the church, focusing in on shots of the clock, and other aspects of the church.
We filmed a wide range of these shots, filming different angles and using different zooms.
We experimented in trying new filming techniques, such as the one shown in the photos , balancing the tripod on a skateboard, allowing us to move the tripod quickly down the straight path at the front of the church. Moving down the path as the actor moves up the path, amplifying the speed at which he is running, we managed to do this by pushng the skateboard, whilst balancing the tripod, keeping the camerea as straight as possible.

This weekend (7th and 8th March) we were able to film our final production. Unfortunately it did not go exactly as we had hoped with a major setback being that our actor was unable to make it to our first filming session. With our group not having any other time to film our production as a whole and also because we had only asked the vicar for permission to film this weekend, we were unable to use our original actor and Rory had to step in.

This will undoubtedly detract from the overall finish of our final production as the 30 year old main character we had envisaged is now being played by a 17 year old!

However, we were still able to carry out all the shots we had planned on the storyboard (although we didnt follow the storyboard exactly) and everything else ran relatively smoothly.

We also had a few costume changes at the last minute as we were originally going to have the main character dressed in a shirt, tie and black trousers which would reinforce the MI5 agent image we were going to put across. However, we decided that because he is on the run from MI5 he would be more likely to be dressed in civilian clothing in order to blend in more with the general public. So we changed his costume to a more casual looking pair of jeans and a hooded top. In the next few weeks we will be editing our footage together. Updates will follow.

We've also attached some photos of us during the filming process.

- Kim and Laurence

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