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Main Task - Storyboard


Here I have attached the storyboard that we will be using to film our footage that will be used for our final production; following the storyboard allowing us to get the right shots, angles, mise en scene and sound into our scenes.

- How you created it?

I have created this storyboard in word, producing a table for each shot, showing the sound, shot types and angles, the camera movement, mise en scene, how long the shot will last for, the transitions to the next shot and i have also added in a picture reference.
For the picture reference I took photos of Rory in a location that we thought was suitable, as well as providing me with images for the storyboard this also allowed our group to have a look at the locations that we feel may suit our production.
I then edited these photos in photoshop, exporting them to word where i inserted them into the tables, giving us a clear storyboard to be able to easily shoot the desired shots for our production.

- What it consists of?

The storyboard consists of a description of the shots that we wish to film for our production, photos showing the location and content of the shot. The camera angles, shot types, camera movements are listed int eh descriptions, allowing the camerea man / woman to get a rough idea of what to film. The sounds are also listed, both diagetic and non diagetic to allow us to put the correct sounds to the right shot.

- Analysis of Shots

The camera then cuts to the main character as he runs through a field, the slight low angles establishes the character as a very important character, showing that he has meaning and an objective, having him trip over and continue running shows that the character has been through a lot but just keeps on going, will not be stopped by a minor obstacle. This also shows that the character is in good shape, a hard worker. In this shot the character enters the shot from the left of the screen running from left to right, in our research into films we found that the protagonist usually runs enters the screen from left to right, so we are going to include this in our production. Here there are very faint ambient sounds of cars, and the rustling of the characters feet as he moves through the grass. The non diagetic sound track also kicks in here, having a fast pace beat as the character runs.

The next shot is of a worms eye view as the character quickly moves up a grassy verge, as he moves up the verge the camera slowly starts to fall behind him, giving the impression that the character is moving at a faster pace, the grass brushing up against the camera lens as it tracks the character, this creates the impression that this is a predator sneaking through the grass, as though the protagonist is being hunted.

The diagetic ambient sounds from the previous shots here continue, linking the two shots together, but the sound of the rustling grass is amplified, making it seem that the audience are the ones creeping through the grass, hunting the protagonist. This makes it seem that everyone is against this character, even the entire audience, isolating him.

The non diagetic soundtrack is continued through this shot, gradually getting louder, but in this shot it is not overpowering the digetic sounds which helps the viewers to feel as though they are the hunters of the protagonist.

This cuts to a shot of the protagonist vaulting over a fence. This will be an extreme close up of the characters feet and hands as they make contact with the wood of the fence, this is the only diagetic sound that is featured in this shot, as it is a quick shot not allowing any time for anything more. This creates a beat that matches that of the non diagetic soundtrack, as the soundtrack gets faster this makes it seem as though this character's pace is increasing. This is a very quick shot, which helps to increase the pace of the overall production. Jumping over the fence symbolises all of the obstacles that this character has had to overcome, showing how determined and also agile he is.

Cutting to a shot that overlooks the area that the character has vaulted, we see him finish his vault and continue to run, but this time on roads, into a more urban environment, creating more places for potential problems and a more populated area, meaning the character will be being watched. The angle and stillness of this clip, a high angle long shot, amplifies the fact that people are watching, giving a CCTV style to the shot, someone tracking his movements, knowing just where he is. The diagetic sound is this clip is kept to a minimum, showing just how venerable the protagonist is at this point. The non diagetic soundtrack, this keeps building up its sound, but not yet fully layered, or at its fullest volume, continues to keep the pace of the shot up however, but this is quite a long shot, contrasting to the previous very quick shot. The character leaves the shot from the top right hand corner, sticking to the 180 degree rule, the character continues to run from left to right, showing that he is still thinking the same, even though his environment has been altered.

This cuts to a shot of the character running around a tight corner changing direction, the camera breaks the 180 degree rule as he is now running from right to left this quick break shows that the character's mind is starting to change, almost as if he is unsure of what the outcome will be, will his daughter be safe, or will he even find her? The viewers see the character run towards them, then the camera pans to the left, following the protagonist as he runs away from the camera, now with his back to the audience. His footsteps also show this as they are heard diagetically through the non diagetic soundtrack that hasn't yet reached its full volume. These diagetic footsteps get louder as he runs towards the audience, then fainter as he runs away. This almost puts the audience in the protagonists position, showing how his daughters footsteps can suddenly be so loud and then fade, as she is taken away.

The protagonist almost pushes out these negative thoughts that he may not find his daughter as he gets back on track, running again from left to right, running down a busy path, dodging various pedestrians; one of these people that he nearly bangs into is a woman talking on a mobile phone, this shows how everyone is communicating with each other, except him, no one is telling him about his daughter, it is as though he has been isolated from everyone else. The other lady that he almost bangs into raises her hands in the air as he runs past, this shows that everything has suddenly become more violent, as if she is surrendering to him, feeling threatened. As if the protagonist has almost become the villain. As this shot ends the protagonist is right to the edge of the right hand side of the screen, creating a chlostrophobic feel, as the audience has no idea what he is running towards, what's in his path. At this point the non diagetic soundtrack is at its fullest volume, and is fully layered, although some ambient sounds can still be heard, such as the faint sound of his footsteps, this shows that he is still thinking about his objective of reaching his daughter. This shot then cuts to one from the other side of the road, this makes it seem like he is again being watched, as he ducks in and out of shop doorways to avoid banging into people. The same diagetic and non diagetic sounds continue to this shot, but there is a louder diagetic sound of the traffic that is passing through inbetween character and camera. This creates a barrier from what seems like a villain watching him, making the character safer. The camera is in a fixed position, panning and zooming to track the character, creating the feel that there is no need for the villains, or watchers to follow him, almost as if he is running into a trap.

This next shot pans and tracks the protagonist as he continues running down the street, but here he turns a corner, holding onto a pole as he swings himself around the corner, almost loosing his footing, keeping up his speed as he sprints up the path towards a church. As he almost looses his footing, it's as if he is not welcome in this place, as it tries to push him back, but he is so determined to find his daughter this doesn't bother him.

The diagetic sound is at a minimum, with the non diagetic sound overpowering the scene, only the faint ambient sounds of him running up the church path can be heard, but these fade out towards the end of the clip, this is to build up to when the character opens the church door.

As the protagonist opens the church door the camera will use a point of view shot, this creates the feeling that nothing is being hidden from the viewer, this is only a very small clip, as he opens the door the scene cuts to another shot. Here the viewer only sees what Tom sees, meaning that nothing is hidden from the viewer.

Tom rushes into the church shouting "Ellie, Ellie!" as he enters the church the music stops abruptly, showing how quiet and peaceful the church is. The candles are all lit showing that he is not alone. He stumbles as he walks, he's not secure about being in the church.
There is now only diagetic sounds, the echos of his footsteps and the creak of the floorboards, these sounds create a lot of tension towards the viewer. The camera shot moves, tracking him as if he is being watched from behind.

This next shot reveals that he is in fact being watched, by a hooded figure praying at the back of the church. The camera tilts down as Tom runs to his daughter, focused only on her, not realising he is not alone. This is quite a quick shot so that you don't see much of the antagonist behind, building mystery.

Thew next show shows Tom kneeling down to help his daughter, this shot is filmed through a ledge in the top of the church, giving the feeling that he is being watched from all angles. He is being shot through some railings, indicating that he cannot see the full picture, only focusing on his daughter and not for the danger that is lurking behind him.

This danger startles him as the camera is behind the hooded figure as he walks towards Tom and his daughter, down through the centre of the church. In this shot he is higher than the kneeling protagonist, showing that he is dominant, overpowering Tom. More mystery comes out as the antagonist says, "so, is this the secret you re willing to die for?" The shot then fades to black. Enticing the audience to want to know what secret, and who is the figured man.


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