Tuesday, 3 March 2009


As a group we have thought of many different churches that we could use for our main filming location. We first looked at our local Church Of England in Wootton Bassett and have spoken with the Reverend, who has agreed to us film there when we wish to if the church is not in use. All there is left to do is to find a date that we are able to film with our leading actor, however he is a busy man and it s hard to find time, meaning that we may have to change our lead role. I researched other locations such as; Oxford Cathedral, Lacock Abbey and Lyneham Church however we believed that Bassett was our best location for filming.

For the outside locations we will make use of our local high street, which is shown in our concept board images, however we may have issues with filming pedestrians in the street because we do not gain permission from the people in the street and have not get warmed the police that we are filming in the high street. Also we plan for our protagonist to run in front of a car, however we may need to change this shot because it may not be safe.

-Charlotte Matthews

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