Thursday, 2 April 2009


As we approach the completion of our editing and post-production we have now begun to think about the response and impact we wish to have on our prospective audience.

Essentially, our questionnaire's purpose is to investigate whether we have used the correct techniques and ideas in order to appeal to our target audience and fufil the conventions of the thriller genre. We have scuplted both open and closed questions in order to fufil this purpose.

Click here to view our full questionnaire.

A sample of questions is used below;

What do you think the target audience is for this film?
Up to 10 11-16 17-21 22-29 30-49 50

This is an example of the a closed question which is used to obtain a short and definate answer for analysis. This question is used simply to ascertain whether the interviewees believe the film fits the target audience (16-25).

Describe, briefly, the relationships between the character, in your opinion

This second question is much more open; and provides an opporunity to gather more open suggestions and opinions that would help us more with the subtle ideas and concepts surronding the relationships of our characters.

We will be gathering results for our questionnaire shortly and posting graphs and analysis too!

- Rory

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