Monday, 6 April 2009

Main Task Completed

We have now completely finished editing our main task; which can be viewed here.

You can also view a higher quality version from our skydrive; here.

As detailed in the editing sections of our blog we kept in mind that at all times during our production certain rules had to be adhered to. We have already mentioned how we twice broke the 180 degree rule - both times deliberately - in order to create a sense of disorientation in the first instance and to demonstrate to the audience the vastness of the church and the Christianity it symbolised in the second.

We also consciously chose to produce the entire thing in wide screen in order to add to the cinematic and filmic qualities of the production and draw the audience's eyes and attention close in on the action. Additionally, we chose to create a black and white production as we felt that this effect would deliberately create a sense of tension and intrigue (not only into the reason for black and white film but also to the general plot of the film) as few films are shot in black and white nowadays and thus the our film would immediately stand out from the crowd to hopefully appeal to our target audience.

We also thought we should ensure that editing through the shots of the main character running should be fast paced and varied in order to keep the audience's attention for any length of time and create a sense of speed, excitement and confusion whilst conveying the character's adrenaline rush.


During the editing process we encountered both technical difficulties as well as having to deal with disagreements within the group but we feel that overall we have created a good main production piece and hope that our target audience will feel the same way as we do.

Over the coming weeks we'll be posting an analysis of questionnaire results as well as a full evaluation of our entire group activity and how we felt it went as well as an analysis of our final product.

- Rory

Why we chose to make our film opening black and white:

As well as the reasons Rory has stated above as to why the film is in black and white we also chose to do it because this opening sequence isn't actually chronologically the start of the film. It is a flash forward in time and we felt that by showing the opening in black and white, it would sub-consciously connote to the audience that this sequence isn't actually the start of the film. So if we were to have gone on filming, the rest of our film after this opening would have been in colour to show that this is now present time.


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