Monday, 6 April 2009

Main Task- Analysis

Our finished main task contains a soundtrack which resembles the time ticking away and the pace of the protagonist with the fast beat. This creates an atmosphere of action and suspense, where the audience would be unaware of what is to happen. The soundtrack fits in sync with the action on screen, for example when the titles come into the show the music slows down with the action. This gives the audience a chance to focus on the names of actors/actresses, to establish them with a specific character throughout the film.

As a group we struggled with sound the most as it caused some conflicts and for a long period we could not find the sounds that we were looking for. Some of the sounds we originally wished for could not be put into our finished piece, e.g the bell sounds for the church, however this was cleverly replaced with the ticking sound.

Another issue with our sound was the voice overs because they were difficult to complete in lessons with background noise and one of the voices is still slightly quiet however this could show the mysteriousness of our dark character.

The first sound of the birds sets a quiet scene, suddenly a thunder clap comes in as the protagonist runs which grabs the audience's attention and gets them straight into the action, creating suspense from the beginning. A strong beat is then introduced as the action speeds up with some diegetic ambient sounds in the background to create a sense of realism. As the protagonist heads nearer to the Church the pace of the non diegetic sound speeds up; building up the suspense. As the protagonist reaches his destination all non diegetic sound ends so that the speech can be heard clearly and set the scene from the rest of the film.

This is the first time I have seen everything together in perfect sync and the sound really fits the drama in this opening.


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