Friday, 17 April 2009

Questionnaire - Results & Analysis

Over the Easter break Rory transferred our media production onto DVDs so that we could each have a copy of our film and present it to our target audience. Each person had a questionnaire to ask at least 5 different people from our target group what they thought of our film.
We carried out our post-production questionnaire as audience and efficacy research to try and understand whether all of the methods and techniques that we used both throughout the filming and casting process as well as in post-production were effective in attracting our target audience of 17-25 year olds. In this post we will assess the results and attempt to assess our production’s effectiveness.

After collecting our results – we analyzed, and below, along with graphs, we present these findings below.
Our Sample Size: 20 Persons, all between 11-49, 50% Male/Female Ratio.

Our results were, on the whole, encouraging. For example, our first question clearly shows that 16 our 20 people agreed with the idea that the film was of Action or Thriller Genre, this pleases us as this was originally the genre we were aiming for.

Similarly, the majority of interviewees described the use of the Black & White technique as very or somewhat effective (17-3) which again is encouraging. The overall affirmation of the moderate success of our production is continued through the results of the rest of our survey with questions such as Are the Titles Appropriate?

Interestingly, the question Do you feel this film would appeal to you were it to be in cinemas? Was a more closely run race (12-8) which suggests our film may have a narrower target audience and able to less people than more originally anticipated and aimed for.

Perhaps more difficult to interpret were the written responses to the more open questions we chose to include in our questionnaire. Encouragingly, more people chose to comment on the strong or close seeming relationship between the two main characters of Tom & Elle, this shows we have been able, at least to some extent, to successfully craft a strong character bond between the two characters. “Care, Love, Affection” “I think that there is a strong relationship between the man and woman”

Unfortunately, there were also some less encouraging signs with regard to the more open questions. For example some people felt that the character placement, i.e. believability “Could have been better” and similarly this interviewee also felt that the film would not appeal to him/her at the cinemas – potentially this is a correlation between believability and appeal toward some sectors of the public.

Overall, however, we feel that as a group we have been able to create a fairly realistic and believable piece of film and we feel that this is confirmed in the results of our questionnaire and general attitude of our interviewees. In the coming day’s we’ll also be posting our Evaluation on how we felt our production went overall.
- Rory

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