Monday, 23 February 2009

Progress Update

Today we put together our pitch for our main task, collating all of the documents using the website Sky-drive allowing us to store the documents on the internet, and this lets all of us access the same files.

Yesterday Rory, Kim and I went into the High Street armed with a camera, we took around 80 photos, all linking to our final production, the full 80 photos can be viewed on our Sky-drive.

Today we chose 5 of the best of these photos that we will present in our pitch tomorrow on our concept board. These photos show Rory running through a graveyard, a crowded street and through fields. I took these photos using a DSLR camera, allowing me to take quick shots of Rory as he runs.

We met up during the half term holidays to discuss our final production, we came up with the story line, we discussed how we would prepare for our pitch, i would produce the concept board, looking into the different film studios, and creating the general powerpoint presentation that would run in the background while we are delivering our pitch.

Charlotte was to produce the storyboard, Kim was looking into actors and audience, while Rory was typing up the full story line, as he has written below.

- Laurence

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