Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Main Task - Planning Stage & Pitch

During Our Half-Term break; we have been tasked with planning the Pitch for our main task and film project, and as the first step on this somewhat daunting task we, today, had a meeting to discuss the possible plots of our film and the artistic direction that we felt would be appropriate.

The Pitch
Essentially, our task is to present a series of facts, research, concepts and mood boards combined with a multimedia presentation and speech elements to convince our classmates of the viability of our film and ram home the points we believe it emphasizes and techniques it demonstrates.

During the course of the meeting we discussed the following:
  • Plot - We decided upon our basic plot for the opening as well as the over-arching narrative of the film. This will be revealed in due course when one of our team has created the relevant synopsis with references to relative theorists.
  • Inspiration - We were aware that this was an important aspect of our project and as such tried to actively note anywhere from which we had gained inspiration and noted anything that gave us ideas - Again this will be revealed in a relative blog entry.
  • We briefly discussed other aspects our main task but decided that the bulk of this would be drafted by individuals and then scrutinised by the group at a later date, areas that were included in this were; Audience, Stars & Studios.
  • We also discussed further meetings for the Concept board aspect of our project and have set a date for this and delegated overall responsibility to a group member.

We have decided that the following people will be responsible for these aspects of the initial pitch:

  • Rory: Blog Updates, Plot Synopsis, Concept Board
  • Kim: Audience & Appropriation, Actors
  • Laurence: Studio Research, Powerpoint Pitch, Concept Board Creation
  • Charlotte: Mood Board, Inspiration

We have been given a deadline of the return to school, 23rd Feb '09, to complete this section of the coursework and currently we feel confident that we will reach this target. We will update the blog within the next few days as the various components of the pitch are completed.

- Rory

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